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Corporate Profile - Message from the President

SANEI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. was established in 1969 and started with selling phosphoric acid and hydrogen peroxide in subdivided package .Owing to the cooperation and supporting from all customers, we are able to celebrate our company’s 50th anniversary.

These 10 years, the world has developed remarkable progress, especially in China and Southeast Asia. As a result, domestic chemical raw material manufactures are forced to withdraw domestically. It has changed to the situation that has to rely on imports from the initial time when purchasing cheap products.

Considering what we could offer for our customers in the changing background, to diversify all the demands from customers, we have developed ourselves from the selling of products with our strength ―international purchasing power and reliable technical skills. We are always pursuing to offer our customers the best service according to customers’ needs.

As one of them, we would like to pursue the products of ‘Made in Japan’, which is our best insistence, instead of depending on importing from overseas. We would like to fulfill our goal by filling the gap that can not be done by big companies and medium-sized companies. We are aiming at doing things only SME(small and medium-sized enterprises) can do .

Although there are still many difficult challenges, we would like to go through various environments and contribute to the society through work. Starting with me, all our employees would like to move forward with speed.

Your continued support will be our best energy to move forward.

Katsuto Tsujiuchi
President and Representative Director