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Corporate Profile - Corporate History

June 1969

Started sales of industrial chemicals with such major merchandise as phosphoric acid,secondary products of phosphoric acid and other kind of inorganic chemicals.

January 1975

Started subdivided packaging of phosphoric acid and became a sales agent of Mitsui Chemicals,Inc.

September 1984  

Established Bay-side Distribution Center and started the distribution business.

April 1985

Opened Ichikawa Plant adjoining the Bay-side Distribution Center and started production business.

July 1987

Opened Omigawa Plant to strengthen production sector such as subdivided packaging of phosphoric acid and food additive production.

July 1990

Moved head office to Kanda-kitanorimonocho,Chiyoda –ku,Tokyo.

October 1992

Moved head office to Hon-gyotoku,Ichikawa city,Chiba.

December 2002  

Built hazardous material (Class1,Class4 )warehouse in Omigawa Plant.

May 2003

Acquired ISO9001:2000 Certification.(Reg.No. :JCQA-1272)

September 2006  

Bulit hazardous material (Class1,Class4)handling facilities .Started operation from October.2006.

December 2006  

Moved head office to Mihama-ku,Chiba.Closed Bay-side Distribution Center and Ichikawa Plant and shifted the function to Omigawa Plant.

April 2007

Set up Chemical Laboratory in Omigawa Plant.

August 2010  

Started to product and sell the food additive of sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate.

November 2012  

Transferred the head office from 25 Fl.WBG Marive East to 24 Fl. WBG Marive West and expanded the office space.

March 2016

Completed the second plant in the land adjacent to Omigawa Plant , commencing operation.

February 2018

Acquired factory site in Maniwa city ,Okayama prefecture.

March 2018

Updated to ISO9001:2015 (Reg.No. :JCQA-1272)