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Product Information - Surface treatment chemicals

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SAN LIGHT (Nitrate type A/Sulfate type S)

SAN LIGHT (Nitrate type A/Sulfate type S) is a chemical polishing solution for aluminium and aluminium alloy which is mainly composed of phosphoric acid. It can be applied to any kind of aluminium-based metal, regardless of the shape of the object and can be used over and over again with a short immersion time. You can also save the facility cost compared to electrochemical polishing and it works great for long objects or automation systems.

SAN LIGHT S (Sulfate type) gives a semi-gloss finish with a distinctive texture. Since it doesn't require sulfate to use, it emits no toxic gas and the maintenance is so easy. All you have to do is just add additional solution!

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pdf download

Style of Packing

  Plastic tank

Main Applicatons

- Parts of light electrical appliances
- Packages of cosmetics
- Nameplates
- Building materials
- Parts of automobiles
- Lamps

*We can arrange mixture ratio according to your needs.
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