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Business Activities

Our products are supporting your life in invisible ways.

 You would probably not see our products directly since they are not sold in shops. However, our products and technology are widely used in many areas in everyday life from foods to industrial products. That is to say, our products are supporting your comfortable life behind the scenes. We are proud of it and will continue to contribute to the society and global environment.

Manufacture & Sales of Own Products

Chemical polishing solutions for aluminium
Detergents for cooling water pipes
  "Super Clean SS" "Super Clean No.2000"
Dissolution, Dilution and Subdivided packaging of hazardous chemicals (Type1, Type4)
Detergents and water treatment chemicals for boilers and cooling water systems
Subdivided packaging, Dilution and Blend of liquid chemicals
  Water solution of phosphoric acid, hydrogen peroxide, and hydrazine hydrate (<60%), etc.

  SAN LIGHT gives a luster to aluminium products and deliver luxurious look and added value.

Sales of Industrial Chemicals

Sales of industrial chemicals
- Phosphoric acid, Nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Oxalic acid and other kinds of acids
- Sodium phosphate, Sodium tripolyphosphate and other kinds of phosphates
- Caustic soda and other kinds of soda products
- Ammonia water and other kinds of ammoniacal products
- Nickel compounds and other kinds of metallic compounds

Metal surface treatment chemicals, water treatment chemicals and other kinds of detergents
Laboratory instruments
Plastic tanks and other kinds of containers
We provide inorganic industrial chemicals indispensable for industrial production in easier form to use.

OEM Supply

Manufacture of food additives
Subdivided packaging and Blend of powder chemicals
Subdivided packaging, Dilution and Blend of liquid chemicals
Many kinds of fruit-based ingredients are used in food additives.

Research & Development Department

 In order to satisfy ever changing customer needs and to gain their confidence, it is important to conduct research and development continuously with always a new idea. Especially regarding the OEM products, we dedicate all our strength to deliver perfect products that meet customers demands and their intentions.
 In 2007, we had a big renovation in our chemical laboratory and improved the research & development facilities. With our accumulated technology and state-of-the-art equipments, we will continue to work harder to provide better products to our customers.

Business Access

 In 2006, we moved headquarters operations to Makuhari area, which attracts worldwide attention as a new hub of Japanese economy. Furthermore, there is Narita International Airport near our Omigawa Plant and the business possibilities expand worldwide from there. These two points are connected with one highway and this ensures excellent access for business. We are convinced that this will bring the chances of new development and growth to both our customers and our company.